Corrosion Control & Prevention

AHS Corrosion Control Division is the best in the Industry and is fully equipped to undertake all Anti Corrosion & Corrosion Preventive Technical Services which includes but not limited to the following:

• High Build Epoxy (HBE) Coatings.
• High Build Polyurethane (HBP) Coatings.
• Application of Heat Shrink Sleeves (HSS) {PP/PE}
• 3 Layer Extruded Polyurethane (3LPE) Coatings
• Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Field Joint Coatings
• Fireproofing Applications (Intumescent & Cementitious)
• Thermal Spray Applications (TSA)
• Insulation Works (Thermal & Acoustic).
• Cathodic Protection & Galvanizing
• All kind of wrapping Works
• Tank/ Vessel Painting Works 

• All other Epoxy Coatings Internal & External

Mechanical Procurement & Construction (Oil & Gas)

AHS Mechanical Division is packed with experienced & certified hands in Mechanical Construction and is led by Veterans from the Oil & Gas Industry. The Mechanical Division undertakes the following activities:

• Piping & Structural Fabrication & Erection Works

• Tank & Vessel Fabrication & Repair Works

• All Scaffolding Works

• Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC)

• Minor Mechanical Plant Installation

• Refractory Lining Works

Our Mechanical Division also provide support services for Rig Sites and is fully equipped to handle operations & maintenance of Oil Field Facilities

Other Oil & Gas Support Services

Al Hamaad Sons always strive to be a key player in the Oil & Gas Sector. We also undertake Civil & Electrical Works related to Oil & Gas Construction. We also supply human resources – skilled & unskilled – for the varied fields in mechanical category. We are well experienced in deploying manpower for shutdowns and outages.

Al Hamaad Sons Trading Division is exclusive dealer and stockist for KOC & KNPC approved Abrasive Garnet, Grit & Endoprene (HBP Product) used in Corrosion Coating besides the generic products and services which is supplied to Oil & Gas Projects throughout Kuwait.

Our Resources & Workshop


We have two operating yards, with well-equipped Application Workshop located in a convenient area at Areifjan near Julaia with a service area of over 30,000 Square meters.

We have dedicated sections for mechanical works including fabrication as well as for other Corrosion Services including Coating & Wrapping Works.

We also have delegated ample space for warehousing our dealership products as well as our own products & materials.